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Sol and I are at the Kunstverein München  with Grand Openings.
Quality You’ve Never Seen
with Rebar Niemi
Shown at The Fair, Vancouver
study for painting, print, or drawing
digital image file with embedded text, 2010-2011
Let Me Be A Stranger

I will be sitting in the grass with a blanket around me.

1.  hello, you will be directed to a printout with directions on how to complete a simple task.  with it you will find an envelop with ten dollars inside. 
2.  upon completion of your assignment, you will be given the location of an additional forty dollars. this should take no more than 20 minutes. OK?
3.  the print out is near the tennis courts. 
4.  on the sidewalk directly across from the ice cream store is a low-lying wall with lampposts.  text me once you’ve found it.
5.  DIRECTLY across from the circular neon sign for the store, you will find an envelope taped to the backside of the wall. 
6.  directly below that, buried under the leaves, you will find the print out along with an orange hat.  follow the directions exactly, and text me if you have any questions.

they will come up to me and clap three times.  I will get up and walk to the bathrooms in the park, then walk to broadway via the Broadway building, and around the corner of pike and broadway to take a photograph of them.
put the hat on. do not take it off until you are done.

sitting on the grass nearby is a guy wrapped in a blue and purple blanket.  go up to him and stand in front of him with your back to him.  clap your hands three times.  he will get up and walk away, leaving the blanket behind.

take the blanket.

go back to the sidewalk by the tennis courts.  you will find a small green piece of paper taped on the outside of the fence lining the tennis courts.

directly below that, you will find another card on the ground.  this time yellow. beneath it, buried under some leaves, is another envelope with your payment in it.  leave the blanket there, between the fence and the bushes.  text me when you’re done.

that’s it.  all over.

if it all worked out:
7. Bonus: there is an additional ten dollars in the rim of your hat.  thanks.

I will be in the park, sitting near the restrooms. 

1a.  Hello, you and another participant are going to be directed to complete a simple task together.
2a.  you will first be led to a printout with directions. when you reach the print out you will get ten dollars. 
3a.  upon completion of all of your tasks you will get an additional 40 dollars.  this should take no more than 20 minutes OK?
4a.  the print out is in the south-east corner of the park, by the 11th and E. Pine intersection.
5a.  behind the baseball diamond there is a telephone pole with a transformer box attached to it.  text me when you find it.
6a.  the print out is behind the transformer box, buried under some wood chips at the base of the pole.  You will also find two neon yellow hats inside plastic bags.
7a. follow the directions exactly, and text me if you have any questions.

There will be two plastic bags with yellow ski caps inside.  one will have an envelope outside the hat.  the other will have an envelope inside the hat.  In addition, ten more dollars, and a colored card with a lock combination will be hidden in the rims of the hats.
one of the hats has an envelope with it.  inside the envelope is your first payment.  put the hat on.  do not take it off until you have completed your assignment.

you are going to have to wait for your partner. go and sit down in one of the dugouts of the baseball diamond.  wait there for them to find you.  they will come up to you and ask if you are JOHN.  This is code.  Tell them you prefer TOM.  If they compliment your SHOES, this is your partner.  give them the other hat.  tell them they should put it on and not take it off until the assignment is complete.

I will photograph them when they meet up, then go to my car and move it into the garage.

1b.  Hello.  You and another participant are going to be directed to complete a simple task together.
2b.  Once you find your partner, you will be given ten dollars.  upon completion of your asignment, you will each get an additional 40 dollars.  this should take no more than 20 minutes.  OK?
3b.  You will find your partner in the south-east corner of the park.  He is sitting in the dugouts of the baseball diamond, wearing a neon yellow hat.  He has a list with details on how to complete your assignment.  text me when you see him.
4b.  Go to him and ask if his name is JOHN.  This is code.  If he replies that he prefers TOM, this is indeed your partner.  Compliment his SHOES, and he will give you a hat to wear.  inside the hat is an envelope with your first payment in it.
5b.  Follow the directions exactly and text me if you have any questions.

Together, go to the sidewalk on pine street, and walk towards broadway, on the park side.  when you get to the tennis courts, look for a small green piece of paper taped to the outside of the fence.  below it, between the bushes and the fence, you will find a blue and purple blanket. 

Take the blanket.

There is a parking garage down the alley, across from the tennis courts.  It has a big red sign above the entrance that says “PARKING”.  go to it, text me, and wait for me to reply before you proceed.
I will get out of the car, put the box in between it and the wall, disarm the alarm, and leave the trunk ajar, then take the elevator up to the first floor lobby, and wait there.

1c.  Inside the rims of your hats you will each find a bonus of ten dollars, and a colored card with the combination for a lock attached.  if you already found it, good for you, you, i hope you didn’t lose the combination already.

There will be a box with a lock on each of its corners.  Two will have one combination, and the other two will have another.  The pairs will be arranged on opposite corners, so that you cannot open the box without both combinations.
Go through the garage entrance,walk straight, and turn right at the wall. (this would be the second right you could take)

Look for a silver car with the license plate number 150-SVK.  The trunk of this car will be left slightly open.

Between the car and the wall is a box with four padlocks on it.  Enter your combinations into the padlocks.  Match the colors to the numbers.

Inside you will find materials and directions on how to complete your assignment.

the box will have a case of beer, a roll of tape and a printout with instruction.
take the beer and wrap it in the blanket.

take the tape and wrap that around the whole package several times so that it stays closed.

put the package back in the box, and lock it on all 4 corners. take the box, and put it inside the trunk of the car.

close the trunk securely.

text me when you’ve done this.

2c.  good job, you’re almost done. your final set of instructions along with another bonus can be found around the corner behind a stack of insulation, on the left-hand side.  you will see its corner sandwiched between the insulation and the wall.

when the elevator comes up, i will grab the instructions, put them in my jacket, and take it down to the garage.  i will walk past the participants, and around the corner to my car.  I will get in, and begin driving home.
across from this stack of  insulation is an elevator. 

go over to it and press the “up” button.  when the elevator comes, one of you will need to hold the door, while the other presses the button for the first floor.  throw all the directions you have, including this one, on the floor, and send them up in the empty elevator.  if someone is in the elevator, just wait in the basement and call it again until it is empty.

if you do this properly, i will text you the location of your final payment of 40 dollars.

if it all works out:
3c.  you’ve done very good.  take the elevator up to the first floor.  under the door mat are two envelopes with your final payments inside.  you’re done.  thanks.

Take the beer and wrap it in the blanket.
from Let Me Be A Stranger
Numbers: 15-20
from the lunch event mentioned below 
as part of Fort Club at Hedreen Gallery, i will be eating lunch, drinking tea, surfing the internet, and installing one of these award winning solid-state drives in my laptop on friday around noon.  i will also be pirating music, movies and books, so bring a thumb drive and/or eReader.
901 12th AveSeattle, WA 98122
The other day I was sitting in my apartment reading, when a cat jumped in through the window.  I sat motionless across the room, and watched it just nonchalantly walk around.  It went into the kitchen and drank some water from the dishes in the sink, then went back out through the window.  I don’t think it noticed me sitting there.
acrylic, candle smoke, and spider webs on canvas

Are you an illusion?

performance, 2010

during the 2+ days of the Chilliwack International Biennial, i did not use my lips in public.